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Wesleyan University Athletic Department


The Department of Physical Education and Athletics provides the Wesleyan University community with a spectrum of activities that will be of benefit in developing healthy, energetic, and well-balanced lives. The objective is to meet the needs of students and to engage other campus constituencies with regard to the essence of physical activity. Physical Education and Athletics at Wesleyan reflect a commitment to equal opportunity for men and women at all levels of achievement.

Intercollegiate athletics provides the varsity student-athlete with the advantage and privilege to achieve a sophisticated mastery of skills through practice and contests. The pursuit of excellence can be realized through elite NCAA Division III competition with a focus on NESCAC conference play.


Every community member is provided the opportunity to participate in a lifetime fitness program in Wesleyan’s state of the art Andersen Fitness Center. The Wesleyan community can participate in the physical education curriculum, Adult Fitness Program, or simply participate in several lifetime fitness activities utilizing the resources provided in the fitness center.

The main objective of our overall program is the pursuit of excellence as a Wesleyan student-athlete. The varsity student-athlete is provided with a structured, progressive, and periodized year round training program designed to meet the student-athlete’s needs. Further, the student-athlete is provided the opportunity to enhance their varsity athletic experience through proper strength training, conditioning, flexibility, speed and agility training, and education on nutrition and recovery strategies.