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Wesleyan Pitching Project

A Non-Partisan Resource on Pitching

The intent of the Wesleyan Pitching Project is to inform coaches and players and parents of some of the many theories on being a successful pitcher.

Most every concept has advocates with very strong opinions on either side of the argument. Too often, a theory is chosen based on popularity, conventional wisdom, or because someone famous does it that way, as opposed to one’s own analysis. With so many contradicting theories, it is essential to have an understanding of all of the possible options, before deciding which one to commit to.

These pitching theories are presented without judgment, without confirmation bias, with no preconceptions, and without dogma or commercialism. In turn, the strong hope is that people are inspired to do the work to make up their own mind based on as much information as possible – and in turn, do what makes most sense to them.

Click on each topic for rigorous discourse on each of the following questions:

Q. Why are there more injuries than ever?
Q. How do you stay healthier?
Q. What age should you learn to throw curveballs?
Q. Does running make you healthier?
Q. Does icing your arm make you healthier?

Pitch Calling
Q. What are the hardest pitches to hit?
Q. Which pitch is the correct pitch to throw at a certain time (Pitch calling/Pitch Sequencing)?
Q. Who should call the pitches?

Q. Do you push off with the back leg?
Q. Which side of the rubber should you throw off?
Q. What should the front arm/elbow do in the pitching motion?
Q. Should your front leg be extended at release or bent?
Q. Does stride direction matter?
Q. Does Leading with the hip matter?
Q. How do you have good arm action?
Q. Should a pitcher go really fast or slow or average in his motion?
Q. Do Pitching Drills work?

Q. How do you control pitches better?

Q. What different pitch grips are there?

Q. Does Long Toss make you throw harder?
Q. How do you throw harder?
Q. Do weighted balls make you throw harder?
Q. Does lifting make you throw harder?
Q. Does stretching make you throw harder?
Q. Does running make you throw harder?
Q. Does technique make you throw harder?
Q. Does height make you throw harder?